"Taste of Home" Four-Piece Gift Box Set

"Taste of Home" Four-Piece Gift Box Set

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The "Taste of Home" four-piece gift box set. Frozen dishes include: plum pork knuckle, drunk chicken wings, huadiao chicken tenderloin, and the signature Niu Bao, all of which are selected from the ingredients. "Home" dishes are especially suitable for Hong Kong people's taste. Strictly selected high-quality ingredients, vacuum-packed, free of preservatives and artificial colors, and 100% freshly made in Hong Kong. Store in the refrigerator for one month. When eating, you only need to put the bag in boiling water and heat it slowly for 8 minutes to taste the "taste of home" on a plate. Everyone can become a chef at any time, and it is no longer difficult to start a meal. It is now on sale at a discounted price of HK$298 (original price: $320), and comes with a warm ice pack, which is suitable as a gift for personal use.

Plum Pork Knuckles-Choose pork knuckles with thick skin and rich gums, and simmered with sweet and sour plum sauce, which tastes appetizing and nourishing. (400g HK$68)

Drunk Chicken Wings-Huadiao wine brewed using ancient methods, combined with red dates and wolfberry, it is a top-notch wine. (480g HK$68)

Hua Diao Ji Tiao-The Hua Diao Liquor is brewed in ancient ways. It is boiled with angelica, red dates and wolfberry. The tender meat of the chicken thighs penetrates into the strong aroma of the wine. (550g HK$78)

Signature Beef Treasure-Uses beef tendon, beef tendon, and tripe as the three treasures of beef, with a signature three-star thick sauce cooked for 12 hours, stewed until tender and tender, and the meat is fragrant. It is a try memorable. (400g HK$88)